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Hello!  I am Natalie.  A professional Doula and Photographer in Johannesburg, Gauteng.
Doula work is definitely at the heart of me.  There is no greater fulfillment than assisting a Mom through labour and birth.   There is so much fear surrounding birth, be it natural or csection, and there really need not be!  Women are powerful!  I aim to show you your absolute strength and power during birth through guided support and discreet, tasteful imagery.  I adopt a photo-journalist approach, documenting every possible detail of your baby's birth day.

My soul is introverted, quiet, and gentle.  I am fiercely stubborn, with a quick-witted sense of humour.  I cannot spell to save my life!  There is just no time to smell the roses either! 😉 I am a Mom of two gorgeous girls who keep me incredibly busy, and drive me crazy!  My life is forever changed because of them.  

I also document life's journeys, from Maternity, Birth and Newborns to wonderful growing Families!  Join me on this wonderful journey!


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    “My only regret when it comes to Natalie is not having found her sooner. Natalie has been present at my last 2 births and I honestly don’t know how she is there, captures every moment and yet I never feel like she is being intrusive in any away. It’s like she blends into your birth bubble and becomes an essential part of your team. I have given birth 8 times and trust me when I say you want your birth documented – and I believe that it takes a special and talented person to be able to document it as beautifully as Natalie does. I watch my videos over and over, and relive those days countless times.  If I give birth again, she will be there no doubt! She is forever a piece of some of the most important days in my life and I am so thankful to her for giving me some of my most treasured images!” – Xuxa, 2020



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